Sake + Food

A match made in heaven.

Delight your palate

Sake and food pair together so wonderfully in an assortment of ways. From traditional Japanese fair to the comfort foods your grew up with, take a step outside of what you think sake is and discover delightful experience of pairing sake with food.

Understand Flavors

Sweet vs Dry

One metric for sake is its ability to lean toward either the sweeter side or to be dry depending on the amount of sugars left after fermentation. Sweet sakes are often highly aromatic and go great with rich foods or as an after dinner drink. Dry sakes can be great with fatty foods.

Light vs Rich

Some sakes are extremely light with a refreshing taste that quickly leaves your palate, others are rich and full, sticking with you for a while after each sip. Try pairing light sake with fish or a mild cheese. A rich sake can go really well with a tomato sauce or steak.

Fruity to Umami

Some sakes have a delightful fruity aroma and taste while some have a much deeper savory flavor. Fruity sakes are great for sipping on their own and are enjoyed with salty foods or citrus. The flavor of umami rich sakes can develop over a session and are great with smoked meats and mushrooms.

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