Premium Release: Serenity Now! Triple Milled (Junmai Daiginjo)

May 23, 2019 5:00 pm

Join us on Thursday, May 23rd as we release our first premium grade sake Serenity Now! For this Triple Milled (Junmai Daiginjo) sake, we remove the outer layers and polish our rice down to 50%, revealing the most perfect pearl. With notes of Lychee and Tangerine, this floral, fruity, and light sake will have you relaxed while shouting Serenity Now from the roof top!

NAS head brewer Andrew Centofante said, “It’s very difficult to brew triple-milled sake. It takes a lot of time and care, but it produces wonderfully delicate aromas and fruity flavors, with a
light, smooth feel. We used a special strain of koji-kin and carefully hand-made the koji. We fermented with a special yeast at a lower temperature than normal and a longer fermentation time. This resulted in notes of tangerine and lychee. We’re very pleased with the result.” The limited-edition sake, labeled “Serenity Now!” will be available only at North American Sake Brewery’s Charlottesville, Virginia tasting room beginning Thursday, May 23 in 375ml bottles while supplies last!