NAS Awarded Two Medals at 2020 World Sake Challenge 🍶

We are pleased to announce that North American Sake Brewery has won two awards at the 2020 World Sake Challenge!

Our premium junmai sake Real Magic has won a Silver Medal in the 2020 World Sake Championship. Described as THE sake for Sauvignon Blanc drinkers, Real Magic has fruity and juicy notes of gooseberry, grapefruit, and buttered toast. Excellent to pair with Sushi, Tempura, and Swiss cheese.

Additionally, our ultra premium junmai daiginjo sake Serenity Now has won a Bronze Medal for the second consecutive year at the same competition. Described as an easy drinking sake with notes of Golden Apple, Tangerine, and frosted rice cake. A true delight for the sake connoisseur.

We could’t be more excited to be awarded these medals and hope you come in to taste what hand crafted sake is all about! KANPAI!!!!

You can also order our award winning sake to your doorstep by visiting: