Pouring Sake at the Embassy

By Jeremy Goldstein

This past Monday night was another “first” for us. Andrew and I traveled to D.C. on an invitation from the Embassy of Japan. It was a night of food, drink, and Japanese culture, and we had the incredible honor of becoming the first American sake company to pour our own sake at the Embassy. Our friends at Ben’s Tune-up in Asheville, NC also were present pouring some of their delicious sake. 

Well over 200 guests attended, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive. It gets us excited about expanding our distribution into Northern Virginia and beyond, and about our broadening friendships at the Embassy. They continue to be so incredibly supportive and welcoming. 

From the Embassy: “I can confirm that last night was the first time that American sake companies were pouring at an Embassy of Japan event. Apparently we’ve had Japanese companies who’ve brewed in California at events, and we’ve had American companies at an event up at our New York Consulate, but for American companies at the Embassy proper, you were the first!”

The future looks bright for us and our Sake community.

For here right now, I just wish all Mondays could end that well.